Codi Hwyl

Come and sail the ship ‘Y Fellten Ddu’¬†and play games in Welsh to win the pirates treasure! Great games which have been developed to learn and reinforce Welsh vocabulary and phrases. Suitable for Welsh learners and Welsh speakers from the age of 7 upwards.

The app contains Welsh language games matching; picture and word, picture and audio, and audio and word. You can also sail the ship across the sea, collecting correct answers and treasure as you go.

There are 10 themes to choose from –
Food and Drink, Clothes, Animals, The Weather, The House, Shopping, Hobbies, Holidays, School, Celebrations.

It was authored by a team of teachers for those learning Welsh as a second language but it is just as suitable for Welsh speakers too.

There are associated guidelines which can be downloaded for the app.

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Click on the PDF icon below to download the guidelines for using this app.